Animystics: Our Spirit Animals, Totems, and Familairs
Opens April 25th from 7-10pm
 An animal benefit show for the Animal Humane Society, Feline Rescue Inc., and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. 

We are just a few weeks away from the Animystics opening reception, and could not be more excited about all of the incredible artwork, original works, and surprises we have in store for you! All 120+ artists have been creating one of a kind pieces that pay homage to their favorite animals, furry friends, and familiars! 

Here are just a few previews of the images that will be displayed during the Animystics Exhibition. Above you can see work by Lara PaulussenDana WulfekotteCasey Crisenbery, Alyssa Winans, and Leanna CrossanYou can see the full list of participating artists and all of the exhibition details on the Facebook Event page here! 

Previews! Check it out!

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Some tiny process/WIP shots of my piece for the Light Grey Art Lab Animystics show! Tumblr is stretching them oddly, so Click for Clarity.

There’re tons of artists on this one, so be sure to check them out~

Mini-series about my year in Japan. Old memories now, but I think the feelings have stuck it out.

See America stuff update! The Creative Action Network was kind enough to send my work over for a write-up in the winter edition of National Parks Magazine. Also, you can apparently buy my Hawaii poster on a mug. With my name on it. For those days you want to make extreme beverages by throwing volcanoes into the mix.

Anyway, the project has hit over 500 posters now! Check out what it’s all about over here:

"Reflections I - V"

Some personal work, series-style! Featuring Cortis, a blobbish world-traveler.


Dregs of the backlog. I pecked away at this one here and there over a couple months, to the point where I can’t stand to look at it…time to shove this one off the hard drive, if only to prevent me from continuing to fiddle with it.


More backlog, more plants, more missing body parts…

"Little Red Thread"

Going through my backlog…let it be known that I draw a lot of animals in trees.

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the wood horse…which I took literally (and demonically???), of course. Most of my friends are horses, so this is their year to shine. :)

Excited to finally post these See America posters! The Creative Action Network and the National Parks Conservation Association have teamed up to celebrate our national parks and landmarks: 

The project is open for public submission as of today. If you like nature and art, go check it out!

I made Christmas cards for some family and friends to commemorate my first California Christmas! Featuring Cortis, my favorite ant/sock puppet/clown bop/rabbit thing.

The printers sent me extra cards, so feel free to note me an address if you want one. :) Happy New Year, all!


Any Art Directors or talent-scouts out there? 

It’s your lucky day. Due to the strangeness of life, industry layoffs, and your incredible luck some of my most talented and hardest working friends are currently looking for work! 

They are, each of them, aces and excellent people. I’d love to make the recommendation or the introduction personally if you want to hit me up :) 

Pass it on, tumblr! Share the love!

Some friends and talented folks here— Please spread the word!

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Some painting fun.

"Death & I"

In which death is friendly and has a pointy face.


Not intentionally spooky, but still somewhat Halloween appropriate?